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Dear Friends,
We are pleased to announce that Abramson Teiger Architects is featured in BEACH HOUSES, a book by Casey C.M. Mathewson, that investigates beautiful and unique ocean front homes around the world.  We are among  great company in this book with the world’s best architects. This project was recognized by the  American Institute of Architects with an Award of Merit in design excellence.
“Sailboats from the nearby marina inspired the architects to translate the hovering lightness of their forms into architecture. This notion was pursued in the design of both the exterior volume and the interior central atrium space.”  Casey C.M. Mathewson
Thank-you to all our clients for giving us the opportunity to do what we love, architecture.
Besides great houses we design great schools, a preview coming next month.

Abramson Teiger

Abramson Teiger - Beach Houses