Abramson Teiger Architects

Dear Friends,
Our history of creating beautiful, warm, light-filled modern homes has lead us to where we are today.  We are designing schools, institutions and office/retail buildings  for many of our past and current residential clients. Thank-you for all your support.  Recently we have received wonderful commissions for school work that we wanted to share with you.  These projects range from a competition for a low cost school in Uganda, a multi-purpose building for Camp Ramah of California, a Pre-K through 3rd grade campus, and a middle school.

School in Uganda:
The Open Architecture Challenge design competition sponsored by Building Tomorrow  and Open Architecture Network was to design a low cost school Uganda, Africa.  Abramson Teiger Architects placed in the top 20 finalists.  Building Tomorrow is an international social-profit organization encouraging philanthropy among young people by raising awareness and funds to build and support educational infrastructure projects for vulnerable children in sub-Saharan Africa.

Uganda School

Multi-Purpose Building for Camp Ramah of California:
Camp Ramah’s sculptural and dynamic soaring glue-lam structure houses over 16,000 square feet of Synagogue, Theatre Arts, Computer Labs, Photography Labs, Restrooms, Gymnasium and Climbing Walls.  Every area is creatively utilized for multiple functions. The upper level of the structure houses function for the Synagogue, Arts and Craft, Board Meetings, and Class Rooms. The dynamic outdoor gymnasium becomes the seating for the raised theatre stage, as well as becoming a large banquet facility for other occasions.

Camp Ramah

Pre-K through 3rd Grade School:
A playful use of color, building materials, and scale are integrated creating a educational environment designed for young children.  Rooms with-in rooms create reading and play areas with lower ceiling heights.  Sod roofs and photovoltaic panels are some of the many green elements in this project.  An articulated solid wall protects the inhabitants from the street, while all the buildings open up toward the interior courtyard.

Abramson Teiger Architects Camp Ramah

Middle School for Maimonides Academy:
The view from La Cienega Boulevard and Beverly Place is the iconic view that Maimonides Academy will present. It is history. It is tradition. Yet this tradition is embraced by modern Israel; the Israel of today that is a leader in technology, and on the forefront of global economy. The classroom facades are animated by orange and white  vertical sun screening fins that imply progress. These fins will cut down the harsh western afternoon sun. The facade is modern and animated. It is a building that we believe represents this Jewish heritage, and is reflective of this love of Israel. We have designed a building that looks back at Jewish history and builds on it to create a place that is warm, inviting and evokes a sense of home. We have designed a building that is a modern place to learn, and that will be the state of the art in technology and educational facilities. And most importantly we have designed a school that is playful and tactile so that its young occupants fit right in and feel at ease with no barriers to the education that they are here to receive.

Maimonides Academy